Album: The Dresden Dolls (2004)
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  • This song seems to be about a car crash. The line, "If you have a straight line, this would be a good time" references the classic "Walk in a straight line" drunk driving test - as well as the alphabet being "yelled" in the background of one of the choruses representing the "Now say the alphabet" test. Gravity of course references the conglomerate laws of physics that allowed the situation in the first place. (Thanks, Cat - Chicago, IL. Check out our interview with Amanda Palmer.) >>
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    Cat - Chicago, IL. Check out our interview with Amanda Palmer.

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  • Cat from CtI always thought It was about her killing the officer but my friend who models thought it was rude, because it was about models. tbh I think its both, below Sam wrote the officer thing and philana wrote the thing with the models that me and my friend had been thinking about for a while now.
  • Filthee from Crackville, CoI agree with Sam from Minneapolis.
  • Kim from Birmingham, EnglandIf you read the Dresden Dolls Companion book, Amanda says that even she doesn't know what this one's about, so it's pretty much completely up to the listener's interpretation.
  • Thomas from Greentown, Pai think it is about car crashes when she says necks are cracking sideways it means people's necks are brakeing and the "you are on the fat side, i am on the thin side" is the two different lanes one is bigger then the other and the white side might be refearing to the side with a sidewalk and the black side is on with out a sidewalk and she also says the alphabet and when she says "forces go to work when we are sleeping" it might mean someone fell aseelp while driving becouse that is a man cause of crashes and "shoot me from my goodside" might be a mug shoot. also with the "left foot right foot part" it might be gas and break.
  • Philana from Cherry Hill, Njoh I forgot to add what I thought of the officer bit!
    I think she is trying to explain the cocaine, like when she is saying "it really is out of my control".
    & talking about gravitys effects, & how she needs to do it to stay thin.
  • Philana from Cherry Hill, Njoh wow, I get something totally different from this song.
    no one sees an eating disorder/drug/model reference?!
    for "if you got a straight line, that would be a good time," I think thats speaking of cocaine.
    & the "shoot me from my good side[bad side in other verse".
    &"necks are cracking sideways," meaning when people observe her from the runway theyre turning their heads?!
    when she sings that "gravity plays favorites" & about how "down at work she is getting to familiar with the floor, showing off your talents by the mouthful"
    I think it can either mean the gravity playing favorites has her out of work, so she is stuck doing "favors" to be hired, or, referencing bulimia, & showing how thin she can be.
    also the "cut a piece thats bitesize," because bulimics cut small pieces when eating so it is easier to throwup.
    ohkay that is all really, I really like the song, but I could be totally off with its meaning.
  • Sam from Minneapolis, MnA friend once said that she thought the song was about a prostitute (Down at work i'm getting too familiar with the floor/Showing off my talentsby the mouthful), possibly drunk, who is pulled over and murders the officer (Necks are cracking sideways)(The sky is always falling down on me
    So officer forgive me please!). This interpretation fits the lyrics better than anything else I've heard.
  • Alison from Austin, TxMaybe at that point she's reffering to how that relates to life and relationships. Sort of like, she gets pulled over by this cop, probably drunk, and when your drunk, you tend to be open with people. Maybe she's spilling her life and emotions to this cop who pulled her over, along wtih going through the whole drunk driving test. I hope that somehow might answere your question...not that its right but hey its something to fill the gap.
  • Anastasia from Anaheim, Cawhoa. i totally didnt realize that it was about a car crash! it's now understandable why she says stuff like her flying. i get it now. craaazy. but, i don't understand the rest of the chorus', when she says, 'i am on the thin side, you are on the fat side'...who is she talking to? stuff like that. i don' understand all the non car crash/drunkeness/officer parts.
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