Album: The Dustbowl Revival (2016)
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  • Ray Charles was busted because he was broke; the guy in this song is busted because he's been caught cheating, and his girl is calling him out:

    You think you got something
    But you don't got nothing
    Honey if you don't got me
  • Zach Lupetin, one of eight members of the band, writes most of their lyrics, including this one. Their female vocalist Liz Beebe takes the lead on the track, so the gender is switched, but the events are grounded in truth. "I like to joke now (though it didn't seem funny at all at the time) that having your heart broken and being cheated on is the best thing that can ever happen to a songwriter," Lupetin told Songfacts. "We don't forget things easily - so in the sense that the person you love and have been giving second chances to has been sneaking around on you all along - that's definitely something that happened to me when I first moved out to California, and I tried to translate it to the woman's perspective."
  • Devin Schiro directed the video, which shows a guy (Bryce Rankins) looking on as three different girls (Erica Lawless, Kaitlyn Schwalbe-Fletcher, Taylor Leigh Edwards) each do an interpretive dance to taunt him. He won't make that mistake again.
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