Album: Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul (1963)
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  • The Nashville songwriter Harlan Howard wrote this in 1962. It was originally recorded by Johnny Cash that year, but it became a hit in 1963 Charles did a soul version. Both Johnny Cash and Ray Charles could have a lot of fun with their music, and that's the case here as they sing from the perspective of a farmer who could really use a government bailout. He can't even borrow some cash, since everyone else is busted too. >>
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    Brett - Edmonton, Canada
  • This was the 1963 Grammy winner for Best Rhythm and Blues Recording.
  • This song's writer Harlan Howard was a prolific, legendary songwriter. Country Universe quotes him explaining some of the songwriting technique that went into "Busted": "The only thing I know to do with songs like "Why Not Me" and "Busted" – which I never thought was a good title – is to put the title in there often so that people remember it. The weaker the title, the more you gotta hear it."

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  • J.d. from Detroit, MiThe lyrics here are different than what I heard on the "best of" album. I submitted the version from that album.
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