Smile A Little Smile For Me

Album: Down To Earth With The Flying Machine (1969)
Charted: 5


  • "Smile A Little Smile For Me" was a US hit for The Flying Machine, who were a pop band from the UK. The song is a story of a boy (possibly a love interest or a friend) that is telling a girl named Rose Marie that she needs to get over the boy that has left her. The singer is telling her to smile and is hoping that one day she'll smile just for him. Some members of The Flying Machine went to from the one hit wonder band Edison Lighthouse, who recorded the hit song "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)." >>
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  • Brina from Anytown, UsaInsert the name of your favorite Deity as "he/him" in the song.
    It fits.
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaDear Anthony was in Jr High when this came out. Can not find out any info about rest of the band members, except Stuart Coleman. Do you know where the are now? keep smiling
  • Anthony Bravington from UkDear Suedeaunym. I'm afraid you just don't get it. This song was based on a true story and very accurately worded, about a love triangle. I knew both the narrator and Rosemary and the basic story behind it. I wont try to explain it because both are still well and truly alive and kicking. None of the band played for Edyson Lighthouse but the song Love Grows where my Rosemary goes was written by the same person who wrote this. Whether it was inspired by the same Rosemary I can't say.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn September 28th 1969, "Smile A Little Smile for Me" by the Flying Machine entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #66; and on November 16th, 1969 it peaked at #5 {for 1 week} and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...
    The group had one other Top 100 record, "Baby Make It Soon", it entered the chart on February 15th, 1970 at #95 and the following week it was #87, then it fell off the Top 100.
  • Suedeaunym from Nawth JawjaWhat a TERRIBLE song, lyric-wise! The singer is asking Rosemarie to be very emotionally unhealthy in dealing with her abandonment by her former, not to grieve, but to dismiss the feelings of pain and loss and "smile a little smile."

    So, darling, dry your eyes,
    What's the use in cryin'?
    I know, darling, don't be sad,
    Don't let those tears begin,

    He's encouraging her to alienate herself from her feelings. If Rosemarie, had any sense, she'd tell the guy to bugger off!
  • Mark Spiller from Virginia UsaGina, the 'side B' on the 45 I have is "Maybe we've been loving too long". Hope that helps.
  • Gina from Tamaqua, PaCan anyone tell me the name of the song on 'side B' of 'Smile a Little Smile...' on the 45? I remember playing it accidentally as a teen and liked it even more than 'Smile a little Smile' (although this was certainly one of my favorites, too), and it actually became a popular song on the jukeboxes in hangouts in all of the 4 towns that made up the school district I went to. But it's driving me crazy because for years I have been trying to remember the song. If I only STILL had all those 45's I had years ago! Thanks!
  • Reg from Kemptville, On, -That's an interesting connection. As soon as I saw the words "The Flying Machine" I thought of the movie "Shallow Hal" featuring "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)". I didn't even know the connection with Edison Lighthouse.
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