Here Is Gone

Album: Gutterflower (2002)
Charted: 18
  • Lead singer John Rzeznik has said this is about being in a casual relationship with someone, but wanting something more. >>
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  • Max from Milan, ItalyI am 25, and facing a divorce. I thought I knew what this song was about when I was younger, now I really do. It's heartbreaking.
  • Don from Raymond, NhI'm not the one who broke you

    I thought I lost you somewhere
    But you were never really ever there at all
    And I don't need a fall out
    Of all the past that's here between us
    And I'm not holding on
    And all your lies weren't enough to keep me here

    I found the words of this song so interesting. This song was all over the radio about the time I was going through a divorce from a gal who was seeing someone else. She often took out her frustrations from her past on me and seemed like she was just in our relationship for financial support until she found another guy.

    Today, I stumbled across this website, saw some very good posts by members who really seem to help me understand the songs I've enjoyed so much. Vicki from Canada for example in this discussion.
  • David from Knoxville, TnNot a Goo Goo Dolls fan, but this is a GREAT song! Underrated to say the least..
  • Chelle from Hilo, Caman, i totally love the lyrics in this song... every verse, stanza and chorus rings true to me... call me a romantic... hahah... i think it's about the end of a relationship with a woman who's been so jaded and hurt in her past that she can't trust and love him and just let the fear and hurt go... he keeps mentioning how she's been hurt in the past ["i'm not the wone who broke you, i'm not the one you should fear"] and how this manifests her mistrust and fear towards him... i can totally relate cos i have trust issues with guys b/c of past guys who've hurt me and made me fear trusting other guys... then he says that maybe things can work out in the future once she moves past these issues... ["once you get free, talk to me"]... sorry if it's only semi coherent, it's nearly 2 in the morn here...
  • David from Swansea, United KingdomThis song is about the fallout of broken relationship, and the reflections of him on what happened.

    It seems the other person was not in it for the right reasons ("your intentions for me", "I was not the answer so forget you ever thought it was me" "all your lies"). She is distant from him despite him trying to help her through her issues.

    He has invested in the relationship but realises he needs to get out ("It's all and then it's nothing to me"), that it won't work, and he can't deal anymore with her deceit ("I thought I'd lost were never there at all" and the problems she has caused him. Once he is out of that relationship he knows he'll find some one ("I know its out there").

    I can see it being therapeutic for John, maybe just getting his anger at his Ex-wife out of his system. Maybe she thought he was someone he wasn't and would give her something he couldn't. That she used him and even though he loved her he figured out that he'd be better off without her and he'd find someone else.
  • Sarah from Madison, WiThis song sounds like its about a casual relationship, but considering it was written after his divorce, its probably definitely about his ex-wife. I love the line "i thought i lost you somewhere but you were never really ever there at all"
  • Eric from Barcelona, Spainsame here man! this woman i have a casual relationship with remains the single most interesting person i've met, she just fascinates me..i dont know why but its been years since we've stood face to face..but she, still remains the person at the back of my head. talk about obsession its beyond it! :)
  • Brandon from Sterling, Vathis reminds me of what me and this girl are goin thro
  • Amber from Leesville, La "Here is gone" to me, explains caring about someone but the thing is you know their not fully there for you and you don't know all of whats gettin in the way. So you have your defense and caution up while still trying to get them to open up and talk, and treat them the way they were always supposed to be treated until you realize ur best isnt enough, the person (never really was ever there at all). So this person (you) wants to (be free) of it all. But still loves that person and the feeling between them felt before. Along with, goodtimes and love which is gone (here is gone) it's singing about missing the feeling at least when it was good between them both at the time.

    Though it could also be felt more of a Just miss how something was before,( here is gone), and still hopeful (I know its out there, I know its out there)

    They both fit me completly to a T. ^ . - and in many different times and memories I love goo goo dolls!
  • Rick from Humboldt, Iawell considering that practically this whole album is about his divorce i'd have to say that it has to be written at some point of view over his ex.
  • Deuce from Salt Lake City, Uti think its just about a sort of bittersweet type of relationship, like the line "you and i got something and its ALL and then its NOTHIN to me". and then in the end "i can feel you fallin" means he s losing her and they are tearing apart but he still has feelings for her and cant make up his mind if he wants to stay with her or break up and also "here is gone" probably means that they have had BETTER DAYS lol which happens to be their newest single
  • Vicki from Miramichi, CanadaI think this song is really just about a crazy relationship, that isnt that serious, and they both have been damaged, or at least she has, and he just gets frustrated with her. He really contradicts himself "Want to get free"..and then "wanted to be all you need"..He cant make up his mind. And then "I thought I lost you somewhere, but you where never really ever there at all" means her heart wasnt in it, and he really just doesnt need the sh*t that comes with her relationship with him,"And I don't need the fallout of all the past that's in between us, And I'm not holding on..And all your lies weren't enough to keep me here"
    And he really just thinks, its gone, useless and probably nothing will ever come from the relationship
  • Elly from Columbus, OhDoes any one know what this song is about?>
  • Lyzette from Moorpark, CaGreat song!! Goo Goo Dolls entered into my top 10 fav. bands of all time when I 1st heard this song and they still remain there.
  • Jonie from Alameda, CaThis is my lucky song! I've learned how to play a somewhat suitable version--without breaking any strings--performed it in front of about 300 people at my high school talent show, and am planning to do a cover once I'm in my own band. Either that, or Broadway. It's so sad, but it's subtler than a ballad. I like the rockin' bluesy feel because more people are attracted to it than just soppy fangirls. It's an older crowd.
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