Waiting For The Sun

Album: Hollywood Town Hall (1992)


  • This song opens The Jayhawks' 1992 album, Hollywood Town Hall. According to Mark Derning of Allmusic.com, the song details, "a man who has lost his love under unpleasant circumstances and has hit the road, looking for something better from life and hoping a fair deal from the fates."
  • The song, like most of The Jawhawks early cuts, is credited to the band's guitarist Gary Louris and frontman Mark Olson. Louris admitted to us in a 2012 interview, that when it comes to song titles he is "a king of clichés." Louris added that he didn't know there already was a song called "Waiting For The Sun," "I was not a Doors fan," he said, "I like them now, but I didn't know there was a song called that."


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