Let Me Tell You About Love

Album: River Of Time (1989)
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  • In this uptempo track, The Judds give a lesson on love by recalling some famous couples throughout history who had complicated romances:

    Adam and Eve - the biblical couple was ousted from the utopian Garden of Eden after Eve was duped into eating fruit from a forbidden tree and convinced Adam to follow suit.

    Samson and Delilah - the biblical warrior Samson fell in love with the beautiful Delilah, who conspired with his enemies to capture him by eliminating the source of his strength - his hair.

    Napoleon and Josephine - The French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte fell hard for Josephine de Beauharnais, the widow of an executed general. But after they married, both engaged in affairs that put a strain on their union. When it was apparent that Josephine couldn't provide him with an heir, Napoleon had their marriage annulled.

    Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers defy their warring families to be together but a tragic miscommunication leads to their respective suicides.

    Solomon and Sheba - Solomon was an Old Testament king who was known for his wealth and wisdom. His reputation attracted the Queen of Sheba, who arrived at his palace in Jerusalem to test his brain power with difficult questions, all of which he answered with ease. An ancient Ethiopian account picked up the tale with the king tricking the queen into sleeping with him. He then sent her on her way, and she gave birth to his son on the journey home.

    Wynonna isn't dissuaded by the couples' unhappy endings because life wouldn't be worth living without the pursuit of love. She sings:

    This world wouldn't amount to much
    Without a hug and a kiss and a tender touch
  • The Judds' producer, Brent Maher, wrote this with Carl Perkins and Paul Kennerley. Maher co-produced an album for Perkins, a veteran rockabilly musician, and suggested they write some songs together. They had a hard time aligning their schedules, and Perkins ended up sitting in on a writing session with Maher and Kennerley (a Nashville songwriter who penned several hits for The Judds, starting with the #1 Country single "Have Mercy"). Kennerley was thrilled by the prestigious company.

    "To have Carl Perkins in your kitchen is quite exciting," he admitted in The Billboard Book Of #1 Country Hits.

    Maher added, "I'll tell you, the place was loaded with groove. He started playin' that great little rockabilly groove, and we started singin' and chantin'. That's just a fun song. If you want to dissect a lyric and say, 'Are you serious?,' that's one to dissect."

    Maher wrote the melody to Perkins' groove, and Kennerley came up with the title. Then, the trio came up with the verses together and recorded a demo in Kennerley's garage.
  • Perkins also added electric guitar licks to the track, which was an anomaly in The Judds' acoustic repertoire.

    "We really broke Judd Rule Number 3 (acoustic guitars only) when we asked our 'uncle' Carl Perkins to introduce electric guitar on his foot-stompin' 'Let Me Tell You About Love,'" Naomi explained in her 1994 book, Love Can Build A Bridge. "A close family friend, he'd been our favorite act to work with in Vegas and on tour. The living legend would join us onstage in the middle of our show to zap his song with hillbilly mojo and elevate it to the show's highlight."
  • This was The Judds' 14th and final #1 hit on the Country chart. They released one more album, Love Can Build A Bridge, before they were forced to retire the act when Naomi became ill with Hepatitis C. Wynonna went on to forge a successful solo career, starting with her first solo chart-topper, "She Is His Only Need."


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