Brownsville Turnaround on the Tex-Mex Border

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  • This is the opening track from KLF's ambient house concept album Chill Out. The record featured sampled instrumentation, vocals and sound effects overlaid with original music. "It actually all started off as an accident," KLF's Jimmy Cauty recalled to Melody Maker. "We did a mix of a house track, left the drums off by mistake and suddenly realised that the house pads and chords sounded brilliant without the beat. So we decided to do a few more things like that."
  • The album portrayed a mythical night-time journey up the US Gulf Coast from Texas into Louisiana. KLF's Bill Drummond recalled:

    "We basically saw the album as a journey and when we had to come up with titles for each of the passages we sat down with a map and planned a route across America as a guide. The titles were designed to express some of the emotions of a particular piece of music, but I must admit that if you were to say the title of one of the tracks, I wouldn't have a clue which bit of the LP you might be referring to."
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