Everything You've Come To Expect

Album: Everything You've Come to Expect (2016)
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  • This is the title track of The Last Shadow Puppets' second album. The song finds Alex Turner and Miles Kane musing about an alluring woman through a mixture of benign, sinister and dreamy metaphors.
  • Ghost Riders and The Rat and Parrot
    Croc-skin collar on a Diamond Dog
    Dirtbag Ballet by the bins down the alley
    As I walk through the Chalet of the shadow of Death
    (Everything that you've come to expect)

    During an interview with Spin, the comment was made that the lyrics on Everything You've Come To Expect are more lighthearted and carefree compared with their debut release. Alex Turner responded. "When we did the first record, we considered the lyrics another component along with the melody. [This time] I wasn't so concerned about always telling a story."
  • The video was shot on steadycam by Saam Farahmand on location on the Malibu beach. It features dancer Michelle Dawley Eliot frolicking with The Last Shadow Puppets pair.
  • The "collar on a diamond dog" lyric is a nod to David Bowie. Alex Turner told Interview magazine: "We've always talked about his being an influence. Even when we did the record eight years ago, we did a cover of one of his early songs called 'In the Heat of the Morning.' So he's always been there."
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