Very Busy People

Album: Get Sharp (2009)
  • The Limousines could have happened only in the Internet era: their members Giovanni Giusti and Eric Victorino were introduced online, and made their first music before ever meeting face-to-face. While they use modern technology to their advantage, they also wonder if it is having a negative effect on society in some ways. When we asked Victorino, who writes their lyrics and fronts the duo, about this song, he replied: "It used to be that the only people who had to deal with a constant flow of information all day and all night were people like Air Traffic Controllers - very high stress lifestyle. But now we're all in our own little control towers, doing all this work with this information - none of it is as important as it seems. None of it is as urgent as we think it is. But we feel important when we feel busy, don't we?"
  • After their song "New Year's Resolution" garnered airplay on the San Francisco radio station Live 105, The Limousines signed a deal with Universal Republic to release "Very Busy People" as a single. The song was issued in 2009 and got some national attention. The record company then asked the duo to record a full-length album, and gave them just two months to do it. Eric and Gio knew they couldn't deliver a quality album in such a short timeframe, so they left the label and released their debut Get Sharp on their own in 2010. "We knew the money would be gone pretty quick, but that s--tty album would be there forever," Eric said.

    The Limousines signed with Dangerbird Records in 2011, but left when the label fell into turmoil. Their next release, the 2013 album Hush, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and released independently.


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