Marks To Prove It

Album: Marks To Prove It (2015)


  • The song features several tempo changes with catchy verses and fast riffs punctuated by slower jam sections. Guitarist Felix White explained to NME: "There was a very slow version of 'Marks To Prove It' and then we changed it into one of the quickest things we've ever done. It's now an amalgamation of the two so there are noticeable tempo shifts in it."
  • The song is the opening and title track of The Maccabees' Marks To Prove It album. Frontman Orlando Weeks told NME: "The story arc of the record is of day into night into day again and 'Marks To Prove It' feels like the entrance into twilight."
  • Felix White told The Sun the story of the song: "I cycle in Kennington Park and watch people. That's where the song came from. It was one of those sunny days where everyone comes out with their tops off and lies in their pants in a park."

    "It's a very odd being and feels unnatural for Londoners to do this, but no one wants to miss out."

    "I started thinking about how people go on holiday and come back and show off their tan lines like marks to prove their exotic holiday. I tried to paint a picture of that scene."


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