Album: Marks To Prove It (2015)


  • The only first person narrative on Marks To Prove It, this song was written and sung by guitarist Hugo White accompanied by gentle piano and vocalist Orlando Weeks' whispers. "Originally the song was so lush with reverbs and layered organs," Weeks told Digital Spy. "But we don't have three people to play the organ. We talked about me singing it but the sincerity of the delivery comes from Hugo."

    "Then it was like, 'How do we not make it sound like a guy playing a piano?' There were some moments that it was so stripped-back that maybe it did feel like that.," he added. "It was tough trying to make it feel part of the record, as it's the only song where it's not me singing."
  • Hugo White said: "There's a Clash song where Joe Strummer is singing the backing vocal over Mick Jones doing the lead, 'Lost In The Supermarket.' That idea has definitely worked before."

    "Fe' and I love Astral Weeks by Van Morrison - it's so natural and there was a kind-of imprint there."


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