Inertiatic ESP

Album: Deloused In The Comatorium (2003)
Charted: 42
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  • The album details the last days of a Los Angeles graffiti artist that guitarist Omar A. Rodriguez Lopez and lead singer Cedric Bixler were friends with. He is known over the course of this album as Cerpin Taxt. In this track, Cerpin Taxt, who was a suicidal drug addict, injects rat poison and falls into a coma. Later tracks depict the visions Cerpin Taxt would have seen while in the coma.
  • The version of this song on the single has "Son Et Lumiere," the track that precedes it on Deloused In The Comatorium, attached as part of the song. It was only cut for the album because the band were forced to, to present this song as single material. >>
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    rudi - melbourne, Australia, for above 2
  • Unlike most songs in contemporary music, this is one of the very few which uses triple meter. This is a beat most known to be used in the waltz (ONE, two, three, ONE, two three). >>
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    james - lakewood, CO
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  • Geeker from Snickers, WiDe-Loused is a great album, but At the Drive-in was a better band with more energy.
  • Grant from Toledo, Oh"Cerpin Taxt" is based on Julio Venegas, friend of Cedric and Omar, who committed suicide by jumping from the Mesa St overpass in El Paso after waking froma coma.
  • Timmothy from Aberdeen, Waman! i love this song! actually....i love this album...i love this band! man theyre so awesome and so talented....and i love how Son Et Lumiere leads into this, so well arranged.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI love this song. Especially how it says "Now I'm lost" over and over. The video for this song seems to represent the song very well, because it's a very deep song, and the video is somewhat different than their other videos, like the pictures fade into other things, and... yeah. But it's still just as weird as their other videos. At The end of the video, it has Jeremy Michael Ward, 1976 - 2003. He died of an overdose.
  • Rudi from Melbourne, AustraliaIt's an Ibanez AX 20
  • Zach from Norman, Oknot that it has anything to do with this song, but does anyone know what kind of guitar omar plays?
  • Jason from Hummelstown, PaOnce was a morphine induced coma
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