Album: Deloused In The Comatorium (2003)
Charted: 41


  • This song is about Cerpin Taxt, the protagonist of the album. In this track, he jumps to his death off a bridge after being released from the hospital, where he had been under a rat poison induced coma.
  • The Mars Volta have a sixth member who always remains unseen. He engineers the sound effects rife throughout the band's recordings, including the bird sound effects on this song.
  • Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers played bass on all of the tracks on Deloused In The Comatorium except this song. RHCP guitarist John Frusciante also joins them for "Cicatriz ESP." >>
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    rudi - melbourne, Australia, for all above

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  • Thesprawlingidiot from NoTelevators is about when he kills himself. Take the veil is one of his coma dreams where he became a woman. The songs from deloused have to be put in a different order than the album order to tell the storyline. Televators is the end of Cerpin's tale.
  • Derek from Chandler, Azto correct marty wellington, televators IS about cerpin taxt jumping off the bridge and take the veil is about him deciding to go back to ESP. they took them out of order on the album because they thought it sounded better.
  • Jordan from Beausejour, CanadaI dont know what the song is completly about, but i know Concertina is based on former at the drive inn guitarest Ben rodrigez drove Julio Venegas so crazy that he commited suicide...i dunno....but thats what it says when you go to "Tremulant EP" on wikipedia
  • Marty from Wellington, New ZealandThe unseen member ( Ward) is now dead. He OD'd just before DIC was released.

    is now the replacement Sound Engineer.

    Take the Veil is the one where he kills himself. Televators is about him decided that he wasn't right for this world and wanted to go back to the ESP
  • Ben from Assville, GreeceI heard that Concertina was about one of ATDI's former band mates, so im guessing that what has happened is one of the band mates is actually responsible for the death of somebody... after reading the lyrics suggestedin previous comments. Or julio was responsible..not too sure...any ideas e-mail me please ,
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI think the video for this song is really awesome. The Mars Volta is a very good band.
  • Benjamin from Everton Park, Australiatake the veil is the part after cerpin kills himslef, and he chooses to return to the esp world (taking the veil).
    theres a whole story on it at gold standard labs, the official tale of cerpin taxt's journey thropugh the esp. it's a heavy read, but.
  • Brendan from Oaklyn, NyThe ATDI song "Eboglio" is about Julio. So is "Concertina" from TMV's first ep. Well, that's what the band has said but it goes so, so, so far beyond any of that if you really knew what they were doing, it would blow your mind. Read the lyrics from ATDI's Vaya album, especially the last one. If you figure this out, it'll send chills up your spine...
  • Sarah from London, United Statesdid ya ever hear off dido wells she da best singer in da world got ya facts right!! lol
  • Spencer from Riverton, UtIn televators is cerpin taxt still in the coma when he jumps off the bridge? Because it seems to me he dies in Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt.
  • Tony Tocci from Muskogee, OhThe album holds a great overall meaning. This is the song where I think that Cerpin Taxt (Julio Venegas) kills himself by jumping off the bridge. If you watch the video you see the animals, I forgot what they're called, but when they're taken into captivity they will commit suicide. No matter how they do it, they do it. So yeah. I'm not positive, but that's what I think. Peace easy.

  • Toby from Wolverhampton, England"The Mars Volta have a sixth member who always remains unseen. He engineers the sound effects rife throughout the band's recordings, including the bird sound effects on this song"

    i counted 7 when i saw them 2 weeks either he's starting to appear or they have another member
  • Rudi from Melbourne, AustraliaYeah, At The Drive In are extremely awesome.
  • The Jorge from Hell, Otherdid any of you ever hear of At The Drive In, which is some of Mars Volta's members old band.
  • Rudi from Melbourne, Australiawell, julio venegas may have been in a morphine induced coma, but what i garnered from the lyrics of son et lumiere is that the rat poison suicide attempt is what sends cerpin taxt into the coma.
    also, the tracks marked ESP are the tracks in which cerpin taxt goes into and out of his coma, and, as cicatriz esp directly precedes this track, and due to all the references to hitting the ground, concrete, chalk outlines and 'the asphalt that cushioned his face', i'm reasonably certain this is the song on which he kills himself. take the veil is more of an epilogue.
  • Jason from Hummelstown, PaCerpin Taxt (Julio Venegas) was in a morphine induced coma...the rat poison was another suicide attempt that shriveled up his arm but didn't work...i'm pretty sure the bridge thing is right though...but i always thought that take the veil was the part where he killed himself...
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