Album: Kings of Nowhere (2015)
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  • The Mohrs' debut album, Kings of Nowhere, begins with this uptempo fist-pumper. It was one of the last songs written for the record. Frontwoman and guitarist of The Mohrs, Jackie Mohr, revealed in her Songfacts interview how the song unexpectedly played a larger role than anticipated. "It's turned out to be a bigger track on this record than we ever thought it would be, to be quite honest," she said. "It almost didn't even make the record when we were all done. It wasn't supposed to be on there."
  • The tune started out as a small chord progression that prolific songwriter/producer, Hawksley Workman, and The Mohrs' guitarist, Marc Girardin, came up with together. Jackie Mohr explained what inspired the lyrics: "That was more geared towards the relationship that I was in at the time. Just feeling like you were in a sick relationship and you knew it, but you just couldn't let it go. I think that happens a lot. It's love, or something like it."
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