Cassette Tape

Album: Kings of Nowhere (2015)
  • This is the second track on The Mohrs' debut album, Kings of Nowhere. Jackie Mohr met her producer, Hawksley Workman, through the Canadian reality singing competition show, Cover Me Canada. When Mohr's band Living in Red was on the program, Workman was a producer on the program and collaborated on two songs with them. When Living in Red was booted off, Workman called up Mohr and asked her if she wanted to write some songs together at his studio in Huntsville, Ontario. What started as a just a writing session between Mohr and Workman eventually blossomed into a full-album worth of material.

    "Cassette Tape" was the first song that Mohr and Workman wrote together. The tune is poppy because Workman envisioned Mohr to be a pop-rock princess instead of the hard-rocker she later ended up being.
  • Hawksley Workman already had the idea for the song when he started writing it with Mohr. "We kept thinking about cool bands that we both could relate to because we're from such different generations," she told us. "I would throw out bands and he would throw out bands, and it'd be like, 'Wait, no, what? I would never listen to them' [laughs]. So finding bands that were mutually interesting to us was fun."
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