Empty on the Inside

Album: Kings of Nowhere (2015)
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  • "Empty on the Inside" is one of the slowest songs on The Mohrs debut album, Kings of Nowhere. Lead singer Jackie Mohr and guitarist Marc Girardin wrote it together late one night in the studio when they were drunkenly discussing a recent breakup that Girardin was going through at the time. In our interview with Jackie Mohr, she recalled how Girardin came up with the idea for the tune: "I remember he looked at me - again, wine was involved - but he was like [drunkenly], 'How do you just say that you're, like, empty on the inside?' I was like, 'Like that! You just say that!'"

    Mohr went on to describe what happened when co-writer/producer of the record, Hawksley Workman, discovered the song. "Hawksley went into the studio the next day and was like, 'What is this? What is this 'Empty on the Inside?' It's an incredible title!' He listened to it and just fell in love with it."

    Workman can be heard doing backup vocals on the track.
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