Flowers In The Rain

Album: Move (1967)
Charted: 2
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  • Written by Roy Wood, this song is about the joys of watching your garden grow. It's a magical garden though, as the flowers and trees start talking back to the singer. An acid trip, maybe? More like a fairy tale - Wood had written a book of fairy stories when he was in school, and when he started writing songs for The Move, that book provided many of his lyrics. Wood didn't do drugs, as he wanted to "maintain some equilibrium."
  • This was the first ever song to be played on BBC Radio 1. Tony Blackburn, who was the DJ on that particular day, years afterwards said it was just a mad panic on that morning, and he wasn't sure if all the records had been sorted out properly, and in the right order. The program came on, and he just dived for the first record he could lay his hands on, and it happened to be "Flowers In The Rain." >>
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    Adam - Wrexham, Wales
  • Members of The Move formed The Electric Light Orchestra in 1971.
  • As part of the publicity campaign for this record, The Move's manager Tony Secunda and the group issued a somewhat risqué postcard bearing a scurrilous representation of the then British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, in bed with Marcia Williams, his secretary. Wilson - a man particularly sensitive about his own public image - immediately took The Move to court and won an injunction preventing the use of this material. To this day all royalties from "Flowers In The Rain" are sent to the charity of Wilson's choice.

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  • John O Brien from Whitehaven Uk technicaly flowers in the rain was the third song to be played on radio one first was the specialy commissioned theame one by George martin then.a bit of. beefeaters by the johny dankworth orchestra both singles then the move.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 14th 1967, the Move appeared in concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England...
    At the time the group's "Flowers in the Rain" was at #18 on the United Kingdom Singles chart; a little over six weeks earlier on October 1st it had peaked at #2* {for 2 weeks} on the UK chart...
    Other acts that performed at the concert were the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Nice, and Amen Corner...
    * The first week "Flowers in the Rain" was at #2, the #1 record was "The Last Waltz" by Engelbert Humperdinck and for its 2nd week at #2 it was "Massachusetts" by the Bee Gees that was in the top spot.
  • Ed from Canton, OhHello from across the pond. Nobody here knows a thing about the Move except me. The only Move song with any slight interest here is DO YA. But the best move songs were Cherry Blossom Clinic and Hello Susie from Shazam. Flowers in the Rain was not an outstanding song.
  • Jan from Leuven, BelgiumIn 1967 the manager of The Move, Tony Secunda, published a promotional postcard for the single Flowers In The Rain, featuring a caricature depicting British prime minister Harold Wilson naked in bed with his female assistant. Wilson sued the group and won the case, and all royalties from the song were assigned in perpetuity to charity.
  • Mark from Cardiff, WalesI always thought this particular song this was about mental illness, but I may be wide of the mark, a drug trip maybe closer.
  • John from Isle Of Wight, EnglandSorry Adam you are right it was Flowers in the Rain, Doh!
  • John from Isle Of Wight, EnglandI thought that the first song played on Radio 1 was blackberry way by The Move.
  • Jon from Leeds, Englandexcellent song, prefer fire brigade though.
    ELO and Wizzard are great too
  • John from Guildford, EnglandWell, actually, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan formed the ELO, as by the end The Move were down to a threesome of Wood, Bevand and Geoff Lynne, who worked with George Harrison and produced The Beatles' Free As A Bird.
    The Move were renowned for their wild stage shows, demolishing televisions and sometimes fighting each other.
    Roy Wood wrote some wonderful songs for The Move, including Blackberry Way, Californai Man and the stomping Brontosaurus.
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumHello, hello, Toronto. Yes, I like this one very much; sweet sixties, love you. P.S. my language is Dutch, but as a good Belgian I also speak French. Greatings to you, Andrew, and the other fans of Songfacts. Bonne journÃ?e!
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumGreatings to you, Pete from Australia, thank you for your messages. Next time you hear this song, don't forget there is someone in Belgium who likes it very much. P.S. I'm in love with the music of the sixties and specially the songs of Phil Spector; "Wall of Sound" forever.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiai hear ya Teresa, great song , nice and happy and fun...makes me wanna go out and make love to someone what are you doing saturday night?
  • Bob from Liverpool, EnglandThe Move were headliners on a british tour with Jimi Hendrix in '67 the year this song was released, I saw one of their concerts at Liverpool Empire theatre in November of that year, what a line up! Oh, and a little known band at the time called Pink Floyd were on also.
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumWhen I hear this song I feel good, no clouds, no negative feelings, life is beautiful. Some songs have a positive influence on me. I didn't know some members of the group formed The Electric Light Orchestra.
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