Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

Album: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (2008)
  • Frontman Dexter Holland spoke to a German magazine about this song, which was later translated on the Offspring forums. He said: "Kristy is about sexual coercion/molestation and is based on a true story. When I was younger, I knew a girl that was abused. I don't know whether I am the first musician to write about this subject, because it is obviously very delicate and anything but easy to make a song about such a complex theme. I also think or hope that this song speaks to other victims and can help them to talk or come out about their problem."

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  • Emma from Ikeboukuro, BcThis is such a beautiful song definitely one of my favorites! Great meaning too I'm sure it means a lot to lots of people that someone would write a song like this.
  • Chelsea from Sarnia, Oni love this song . i relate to it from a past experience and im still trying to get over it
  • Jd from Paoli, Ini dedicate this song to one of my best friends whom was molested when she was even a child.its the greatest song indeed and i think every time i hear it. the offspring is the best
  • Stephanie from New York, Nymy best friend dedicated this song to me and it means so much...... its so beautiful and powerful and it really spoke to me
  • Nikki from Kokomo, InIt's really hard for me to listen to this song without crying. I remember feeling how she feels in the song... It's just hard.

    Great song[:
  • Robert from Los Angeles, CaIt's Actually Don't WASTE... But Close Enough. Awesome Song.
  • D from Waterloo, IaLOVE this song so much! plus it's got a great meaning. it's sad too:(
  • Esme from Tennessee, Tnthis is such a beautiful song.its just so awesome
  • Kayla from Louisville, Ohthis song has helped me out so much from actually dealing with what it talks about and i never thought a song could get to me like this one did and i love it and inspires me to help other people who went through what i did
  • Jennifer from Dallas, Tx, TxI love this song and I can realate to to in many ways, it helps knowing there are other people who care for others in this problem. But luckly for me I have gotton past that nightmare. I reeally thank the writers of this song.
  • Landon from Winchester, OhAt first it sounded like a love song, until the line "I know I should've spoke out." This is obviously about a friend who was abused, but the narrator was too young to recognize it. You know it's based on a true story if The Offspring included someone's name in it. Like Blink 182 and their single "Adam's Song." This song is really nice. Great hit for the start of 2009.
  • Kassi from Rosenberg, TxFav offspring song!!
  • Brandon from Haltom, TxLOVE this song!
  • Corey from Richmond, VaGreat song! Like it a lot!
  • Kelsey from Clarendon, TxFavorite Offspring song. :)
    Don't risk your whole life trying to get back what was taken away.
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