Knoxville Girl

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  • Being on the road is a theme that is sprinkled liberally throughout The Outlaws' records. Henry Paul had a moment of clarity as he was headed home one night, and he wrote this song with that in mind. Says Paul: "'The fog rolls in the morning, and I can hardly find my way home to where the heart is, the words can't begin to say enough about the gentle way you always take me in, that long and winding narrow road gonna take me home again.' I remember coming through North Georgia through the fog on I-75 trying to get home, and when I wrote that segment of that song it was just a direct moment in time of being a long way from the house in some dangerous fast-moving vehicle trying to get there in the middle of the night after drinks. It was weird. It was a very dangerous life." (Check out our interview with Henry Paul. For more, go to
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  • Linda from Ranger, GaThe Knoxville girl is also the name of an old ballad in which a man kills a girl who will not marry him hence '"Cause I know
    You'll never be my bride", throws her in the river where she is eventually found, and he is convicted of her murder and condemned to hang. The first verse in the ballad describes him meeting a girl with "a dark and roving eye", as in the chorus of this song.
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