Nothing Better


  • This song is in the form of a duet between a male and female because it has to do with the girl feeling that the guy is long gone and will stay that way, but the guy just can't accept this fact. The girl feels that the guy is "Getting carried away feeling sorry" for himself and he just can't accept it and really plays the role of the obsessed ex-boyfriend. >>
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    Robin - Huntertown, IN

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  • Mark from Firecracker, NdKaryn from Canada. I agree with you BUT.... time will tell if they do get back together.
  • Holden from Salt Lake City, UtThe District Sleeps Alone Tonight is about Gibbard's girlfriend moving to DC.
  • Jojo from San Jose, CaAnyone else notice how he says in the first verse "like a goalie tending the net in the third quarter". What sport is he talking about?

    It seems like he's making a hockey reference, but hockey games have 3 period, not quarters. Soccer has halves, not quarters.

    It could be lacrosse, or just a mistake...I mean how many songs have lacrosse references?
  • Vince from Salisbury, Md"The District sleeps alone tonight" is a reference to Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia) where one of the band members lives. The other lives in Seattle, and they mail tracks back and forth, hence the band's name...
  • Niri from Chicago, IlI'd like to know more about district sleeps alone tonight I assume it's a bout a car crash based on the first line. But I don't know if it's true and I want to know more anyone like to post the song and start the info? please? Ilove the postal service but just now I found out this guy went on to DCFC! I didn'y know that thanks good to know! where did the female vocalist go?
  • Josh from Woodlawn, IlYeah, that's Jenny Lewis. There have been rumor of her involvement with both Postal Service memebers.
  • Marissa from Simsbury, Ctthe woman on the song is jenny lewis. as folks said she's in rilo kiley and also jenny lewis with the watson twins.
  • Jort from Borgloon, BelgiumThe girl singing is Jen Wood.
    She had soms good songs, check her out...
  • Jerry from Palm Harbor, FlThe girl who sings w/ the Deathcab guy (on a number of the tracks) is the lead singer for Rilo Kiley
  • Tom from Harrogate, Englandi don't know who i perfer the postal service or death cab for a cutie but i suggest that you listen to them both cause there both great
  • Megan from Columbus, OhI love this song. Did you guys know the lead singer of the postal service is also the lead singer of deathcab for cutie?
  • Tom from Harrogate, Englandi think that the girl seems to be quite depressed about the whole ordeal and thinks that i't would be better for them both to just split up and try to get on with there lives.
  • Karyn from Canadai love this song .
    i feel bad for the guy , i really think he loves her and wants her back . and i think the girl should reconsider her decision and go back out with him . my best friend thinks the other way, she thinks that the girl must have a good reason to leave him and that she should leave . we always argue haha
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