Make Me Wanna Die

Album: Pretty Reckless (EP) (2010)
Charted: 16


  • The Pretty Reckless is a New York alternative rock band that was formed and is fronted by Gossip Girl actress, Taylor Momsen. This is their debut single, which also features on the soundtrack for the movie, Kick-Ass.
  • Meiert Avis (U2, Paramore) directed the song's music video. She explained its concept to MTV News: "To try and emulate kind of an epic-y song that's almost like a film, it was a challenge to come up with a treatment. So I guess we sort of decided to make it like a death march. You can't live anymore in this world, and you're on your way to your death, and you're seeing everything you're passing, and stripping yourself of your belongings on your way to your grave."

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  • Angeliki from Thessaloniki, GreeceThe Vampire-y references doesn't only apply to Twilight or every other vampire movie or show that exist out there but to every show that is about supernatural. That line about 'new moon' is actually a 'blue moon'
  • Jim from Aurora, CoI love this song to pieces, but I always thought it might have been an attempt by the Reckless to make a song that could be used in Twilight: Eclipse. There are a lot of romantic vampire-y references in the lyrics, like 'I could belong to the night,' and 'You make me wanna die.' There's even a line about 'new moon,' which also would have fit in with the movies. The timing would have been about the same, with Kick-Ass coming out only a little after Eclipse. It would have been a perfect fit with the Twilight movies, but it works as a kick-ass song no matter what spin you put on it.
  • Kevin from Courtenay, BcThis song is used at the end of the movie Kick Ass
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