Steady, As She Goes

Album: Broken Boy Soldiers (2006)
Charted: 4 55
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  • The subject matter of the lyrics is very rare for a rock song. Jack White sings about nurturing a stable home life by marrying someone who will support you - it's not something you'll hear KISS or The Rolling Stones sing about. White got married in 2005, but the couple announced their divorce six years later in June 2011.
  • Two videos were made for this song, including one starring Paul Reubens, known for his character Pee-Wee Herman. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • "Steady, As She Goes" is the title of an episode of the classic television show The Wonder Years. >>
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    Bri - Chelmsford, MA
  • Jack White revealed to Uncut magazine that this song was the trigger for him forming The Raconteurs with Brendan Benson. He recalled: "Brendan said, 'I've got this song that needs some lyrics.' I took a listen to it and it was the music for 'Steady, As She Goes.' So I wrote the lyrics for it and we recorded it, though it was kind of more reggae-sounding at that point. We really loved it and just kept playing it, so we said, 'Maybe it's time to do this band we keep talking about'. That song really was the trigger."

    In the same interview White said that the song was written about a year before his marriage. He added that the song is asking a question, "Is doing that - getting married and settling down - starting a new life or is it giving up?"

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  • Dan from FloridaGood song! I see it as maturing
  • Tilly from ElsewhereI know its not the meaning Jack intended but my interpretation of the song is about being closeted and/or repressing parts of the self by falling in line with societal expectations. The tone to me sounds like someone whose heart really isn't in it when it comes to getting a wife in the old hometown and living the cookie-cutter life that is more or less set for you by parents and peers. thought maybe i had an interesting take on it
  • Jam from MinnesotaThe chorus of this song “Steady as she goes” pops in my head sooooo often!! I have lung cancer and now more than ever, it keeps me grounded!! 2021 and it’s still a great song!!
  • Kari from StavangerI think it means that while you are busy being steady (and also very frustratingly boring), she slowly leaves you (she goes) and in the end you have a friend who knows you well.
  • Nic from Riverwest, WiI always took the lyrics of this song as tongue-in-cheek and mocking the idea that marriage equals stability. Lines like "You've had too much to think, now you need a wife" and "Your blood's deplete to the point of stable glue" sure don't sound like a sincere endorsement of the idea that all a man really needs is a good woman.
  • Karol from Pori, FinlandThis song will become a classic rock one day...
  • San from Weaverville, CaI agree with Cooper
  • Bay from Weaverville, CaI like this song alot-i think its th Raconteurs best. Love the video :)
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiathe guitar work in this song is amazing.....
  • Billy from Calgary, CanadaIn my opinion, it sounds like the transition of being a single, spring flingy kind of guy to finding a wife and settling down, no longer trying for one night stands.

    "Steady, as she goes" refers to the person keeping himself under control as a cute, single, girl goes to look for someone else. He cannot chase her, as he is already married.

    The part of settling for a girl and selling it to the crowd I think refers to the man finding a good girl that isn't too hyper or depressed, and "selling it to the crowd that is gathered round" probably means his relatives and parents, trying to prove to them that this is the best girl for him.

    Not sure what the friend part means though.

    Catchy song, nice guitar riffs.
  • Cooper from North Salt Lake, Uti love this song so much but when it says youve had to much to think and you need a wife i think hes says youve had to much to drink ahahaha lol
  • Victoria from BÃ?rum, NorwayJack White is God. Or as close as it can get:)
  • Justin from Georgetown, Ini love how the back up singers sounds completely bored when they sing.. almost sounds very forced
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