Album: Lonely Road (2008)
Charted: 75


  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' vocalist Ronnie Winter is also their lyric writer. He told Crusher Magazine that this song is about…. writing lyrics. He explained "The first line is (sing/speaking) 'This whole routine is getting old. So Am I, So are you.' I'm talking about writing lyrics. I've done it so many times now it's starting to be routine and I've physically gotten older since the last time I've done it. So have the people listening to my music. See what I'm saying?"
  • Winter told Crusher about how he pens song lyrics: "A lot of singers do classic composition notebooks and write down thoughts and stuff. With me, I've gotta have a guitar in my hands. That's the way I've always done it and have to do it. Grab an acoustic. I'll play a progression or Elias (Reidy) or Duke will play one and I'll hum along to it and either immediately in three or four seconds I'll have a part ready to go that I'll just hear or I'll sit down with paper and pen."
    He continued: "One acoustic guitar, one piece of paper and a pen and then we go from there 'cuz the drums you can always hear in your head anyway. The bass usually follows the guitar and the only way to really hear the vocals without straining is to sing over acoustic so you don't have to be drowned out by electric. Then, once we know that the melody and progression is tight I fine tune the lyrics and the rest of it and the band jams it out, figures our transitions and stuff. We do it together as a team."
  • This Punk Rock number also takes a dig at those who doubted the band in their early days. Winter commented in promotional materials: "Everybody disregarded our first album when it came out, said our name was stupid and too long, that we looked and sounded like everybody else Apparently, a lot of people who bought the record didn't agree."

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  • Katie from Berlin, NjThis is one of The best songs Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has ever written!!! Even though the name is long, it doesn't matter cause every word is worth it and their talent is worth the time to listen to.
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