Hide Your Love

Album: Goat's Head Soup (1973)


  • Mick Jagger was playing piano between sessions when engineer Andy Johns encouraged him to record what he was working on, and that became the basic track. The Stones recorded the song in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, at De Doelen, a concert hall rather than a studio proper.
  • Jagger's voice bleeds through from when he was singing on the piano track. You can hear it with headphones.
  • The album this song is from, Goat's Head Soup, is considered by some fans to be the very last album of the Stones' "golden age." While most critics liked it, the immortal Lester Bangs spoke of the sadness that hung about the Stones, coming from when you "measure not just one album, but the whole sense they're putting across now against what they once meant." It was also the first album the Stones had recorded with only all-new original material in six years.

    The album was certified 3x platinum in the US and peaked at #1 on both the US Billboard and UK album charts in 1973.

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  • Tod Neil Page from Santa Cruz , CaJust wow, damn! Fok me , OMG. I just listened to Hide Your Love 2020 and it stopped me mid stride and Gob Smacked me most seriously. Gabbed the nearest pair of ears and had them listen...same effect. Then I saw the OTHER VERSION ...too much. Different cause it builds from the first bar and it took me along for the ride. The lead guitar is the real treat. Mick Taylor was on fire, it doesn’t get much better for straight rock and roll. I love Goats Head Soup and The Stones. What a great set of songs. Thanks for all this Mick. Your fingerprints are all over this gift. Just wow, fok me , damn! , OMG what a great record!
  • George from Little Rock, ArThe beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of Queen's Your My Best Friend. I wonder if Queen "borrowed" the piano riff.
    I think that this song is underated. It took me years to discover it and now it is one of my favorite rolling stones songs.
  • Chelsea from Nyc, OrTaylor likes this tune from "Goat's Head Soup".
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