Album: Stick Around For Joy (1992)
Charted: 17
  • "Hit" is Björk's attempt to write a love song, but her vision of love is not what you typically find in love songs. Speaking with Melody Maker in 1992, she said: "I tried. I really did. But with a sense of humour. I wanted it to be gross and powerful. Because it's contrary to what people think of when they fall in love."

    The song finds her in rapture, lying in bed with her eyes wide open, which sounds like a good thing, but when she sings, "This wasn't supposed to happen," it seems she's not pleased with this outcome, possibly because the guy doesn't love her back, or maybe because she just doesn't like the feeling.
  • Einar Örn Benediktsson, the group's male vocalist, does the rap in this song where he wonders just what happened. Love may have been practiced for a million years, but it still doesn't make sense.
  • This was The Sugarcubes' top-selling single, released on their third and final album, Stick Around For Joy.
  • Pedro Romhanyi directed the video, where we see Björk alone in her bed, playing out this story with dolls.


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