Burden Of Tomorrow

Album: The Wild Hunt (2010)
  • "Burden of Tomorrow" is the second track on The Tallest Man on Earth's second full album.

    "The Tallest Man on Earth" is actually Kristian Matsson, a Swedish folk singer. He is the textbook example of an Internet-age indie artist. Mostly the whole show is just his acoustic guitar, his scratchy voice, and his impenetrably poetic lyrics (we could have said the same of Kurt Cobain in his day, mind you). Typical recordings will have all the fidelity of having been broadcast via cell phone. What we're saying is, this is the kind of Internet-famous indie artist that would have been impossible twenty years ago.
  • Fans compare Matsson to Bob Dylan. Other fans respond with a "meh" to that. In voice and lyrical style, there is some overlap.

    Matsson's rise to fame has been aided by NPR, National Public Radio, whose radio broadcasts and website have featured Matsson numerous times, including in their webcast "Tiny Desk Concerts" series.

    By the way, the name's ironic.
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  • Robert from Fall River, WiI think the Kristian Matsson is a very talented and deep musician. I love his music.
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