Sweet Disposition

Album: Conditions (2009)
Charted: 6


  • The Temper Trap is an alternative rock quartet from Melbourne, Australia. Their name is a combination of their favourite song "The Lady is a Tramp" and their favourite movie The Parent Trap. The Temper Trap released their debut EP in 2006 in Australia, and two years later recorded their first album, Conditions with English veteran producer Jim Abbiss, who also helmed the debut albums by The Arctic Monkeys and Adele. This atmospheric single is the first release from the album.
  • Drummer and programmer Toby Dundas told Undertheradar how this song was written: "Lorenzo our guitarist came into the rehearsal room one day with the main riff and we jumped on it quite quickly and jammed it out. (Frontman) Dougy came back with the lyrics by the next practice and it was pretty much finished in two or three rehearsals so that was one of the lucky ones that comes out easily."
  • The song is featured on the teaser trailer and soundtrack of the 2009 American romantic comedy, (500) Days of Summer. It also featured in a Jose Mourinho starring commercial for Sky Sports HD.
  • Bassist Jonathon Aherne explained the band's name to Spin Magazine: "It's derived from Temper Temper, which is a name we were thinking of," he said. "But we changed it because there was already an emo band in Milwaukee or something called Temper Temper. I remember not wanting to go with the Temper Trap because I thought it didn't mean anything. But I guess it has sort of a psychological angle to it. To be honest, feelings in the band are still mixed about the fact we're called the Temper Trap."
  • The song returned to the Top 40 of the UK singles chart in May 2012 after being covered by contestant David Julien on the music talent show The Voice.

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  • Andrew from London, United KingdomQ: "So what's the song really about?"
    A: " When we're young, we act first and think later. But as adults, we rationalize everything. Basically, the song is about capturing the innocence of youth." - In NYLON NOV 09

    I think the first two lines sum it up perfectly: "Sweet disposition/ Never too soon". And what a beautiful voice.
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