Album: Sounds Of Nowheresville (2012)
  • The Ting Tings are an English Indie Pop duo, consisting of multi-instrumentalist Jules de Martino and vocalist Katie White. This is a track from their second album. Sounds From Nowheresville. Much of the record was written on the road, on the duo's phones. "When we're apart, Katie will have an idea, record it, and then audio-text it to me," de Martino told Spin magazine.
  • This song's chorus is about making up your face like a museum. White cooked it up in the back of a cab after a few drinks, whilst in Ibiza.
  • The Guggenheim is a museum of modern art, located in Bilbao, Spain. Designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, it is one of the most admired works of contemporary architecture. Apart from this song, the only music link we can think of is that part of the video for the 1998 Jermaine Dupri and Mariah Carey duet "Sweetheart" was filmed there.
  • White told Spinner the song was partially inspired by a "massive row" that she had over the phone on a mountain in Ibiza. De Martino had secretly recorded her shouting down the line then played back to her, saying, "Listen, it's like spoken word, it's amazing."
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