Choke Me


  • Lead singer Bert McCracken wrote this about his addictions to cocaine and methamphetamines. Growing up in Utah, McCracken was raised in the Mormon community, but left home and turned to drugs. The Used bassist Jeph Howard said in our 2012 interview that McCracken "has had a pretty hard life, which he made for himself, in a way." He adds that McCracken is still struggling with the addictions he sings about in "Choke Me," and believes that "once you're an addict, you're an addict for the rest of your life" and that "you have to keep yourself in check in constant times and in constant areas." (Here's the full interview with Jeph.)
  • This is a bonus track found in their first album after the last track. Sit and wait or fast foward and you'll hear someone singing "Happy Birthday" to Bert. After that it goes right into this. >>
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    Jayson - Mt.Juliet, TN,

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  • Ashley from Naples , Flat the end of this song he keeps screaming something, and it took me a long time to figure it out, but he's screaming "bert f*ck my ass" and he's talking as kelly osborne. i think the song it about his relationship with kelly and not so much about the drugs. blue and yellow is about addiction tho and how it affects the band.
  • Mgn from Mech., Parandomness! -by the way, bert was born feb. 25, 1982, which would make him... 23?
    -i don't know how i remember that.
  • Sam from Edmonton, CanadaYou know that part in the DVD when the stripper is singing to she, erm, naked? lol I havent bought it yet but I don't want my mom to see that part if she is naked lol
  • Yolanda Morphinite from Bountiful , UtThe person singing happy birthday is a stripper that Bert's bandmates got for him on his 21st birthday. They were recording in the studio when she came in.
  • Yolanda Morphinite from Bountiful , UtI wanna a piano.
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