This Love

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  • The Veronicas are the twin sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso. They write many of their own songs, but this one was composed by a pre-famous Kesha along with Toby Gad, who went on to write "If I Were a Boy" for Beyoncé. The Veronicas first heard the song when Gad stayed at the Origliasso household. Jess told us: "He played this song to us, 'This Love,' that he wrote with the artist Kesha, but at the time she wasn't Kesha like everyone knows her now. This was about a good four years ago (2007), she was very unknown at that point. She was known in the songwriting world a little, but not as the artist that everyone knows her as now."

    The Origliasso sisters loved the track so much, they asked if they could put it on their album, Hook Me Up. Jess said it was the song they had been waiting for: "We heard it and we were like - amazing song. And it just kind of clicked with the vibe of this record and it seemed to fill something that was missing so far from the record as a journey. And we put forward whether we'd be able to put some vocals down on it and potentially have it on our record. We did that and it ended up being perfect; the record company loved it as a song and our management loved it. So we went ahead and put it on the record."

    Jess adds that the song is meaningful for the sisters, as it's about refusing to give up on a relationship when you're out of town.
  • The song's music video features the real life boyfriends of The Veronicas playing their partners. Lisa Origliasso's man is the singer-songwriter and actor Dean Geyer, who she was dating at the time. The sisters explained to AceShowbiz the concept of having their actual boyfriends in the song's promo: "The boys were in it to show a more real side to our relationships, and how hard it is to constantly have to leave someone."
  • How did Kesha end up writing this song? Before the glittery singer found fame (as Ke$ha - she dropped the $ in 2014), she worked as a staff songwriter. She later provided the background vocals for Flo Rida's international hit "Right Round" and became a superstar as a solo artist.
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  • Miya from Seattle, WaThis song was written by Kesha and Toby Gad.
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