• This originated from the same jam that also produced "Love Is Noise." Bassist Simon Jones explained in an interview with BBC DJ Steve Lamacq: "I absolutely love that track and it's where 'Love is Noise' has come from and I think it's a good insight for people to listen to. They can listen to that track and maybe not relate it to 'Love is Noise' but at some point they will realize that, they go together like that, you know, it's two songs. We got two songs out of this beautiful jam and for people to be able to understand that process and see it, I think that's fantastic. It's a great, I mean, it's an out there piece of music. I can't explain what it is. To me, I don't know, it sounds like something off a soundtrack, some sort of sci-fi thing to me but, yeah, it's got all the elements that I love, the looseness and the kind of, you don't know what's going to happen. It falls apart in the middle, comes back together."

    Guitarist Nick McCabe added: "We kind of knew that these sort of different segments would somehow fit together, one of which was a tune from 1993 I think, 'Muhammad Ali,' and somehow they kind of have this like weird overlap between the three different things. We kind of went back to Columbo the next day and we were calling one section, when we come to edit we kind of identify sections by 'It sounds a little bit like this,' so there's like the Divo Cam section, and like the Stonesy section and the Muhammad Ali bit that never actually found its way back into Columbo but generated quite a lot of ideas for it."

    "Muhammad Ali" is included as a bonus recording on the LP version.

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  • Bodhi from Rio, BrazilBest song of Forth for sure.
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