Temptation Dice

Album: Which Bitch? (2009)


  • Kieren Webster (vocals/bass) (from The View Are On Fire): "That's a song about how just cause you're bored, you end up getting tempted. It's about the stuff that you do when you're out. The stuff that you regret the next day. The line 'Once a broken promise on my bone' – I still can't move my hand 'cause I punched a wall when I was out, being stupid. That was the temptation of bevvy. You've got to stop it. 'You've got to change.' Pete Reilly (guitar) loves his solo on that."
  • Kyle Falconer (vocals/guitar) recalled, "I remember we wrote it all sat in a circle with a liter of Southern Comfort. And every time we got to the end of the tune, we all had to do, like, a half pint or something. We ended up scrapping."


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