• This song is about an imaginary lover in a different part of the world. They Might Be Giants have commented that "Ana Ng" would become a very common name for girls. >>
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    Sandy - Newburgh, IN
  • The band got the idea for this song when they noticed a large number of people in the New York City phone book named "Ana Ng." >>
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    Martin - Rostock, Germany

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  • Chris from MassachusettsSteve from Chino Hills, Ca - I heard that the "I don't want the world, I just want your half." line came when John Linnell was at UMass Amherst and drove over the Calvin Coolidge bridge on the nearby Connecticut river. Parallel is an old rail road bridge and allegedly the line was written on the bridge by a graffiti artist.
  • Steve from Chino Hills, CaI'd love to know where they got the "I don't want the world, I just want your half." line came from. I love the idea that there is a super close polar opposite living on the exact other side of the world that you almost, but never meet.
  • Trey from Kalamazoo, MtGood.
  • Jake from Rolling Hills Estates, CaMy favorite part is the first line, the extended and extremely complicated way of saying that she lives on the exact opposite side of the world from him.
  • Darrell from Eugene, United StatesEvery time that I hear this song or see any reference to it, I think about either an acquaintance named Russell Ng, who died in a plane crash several years ago or the infamous serial killer Charles Chitat Ng. (My girlfriend is always disgusted by the likes of Charles Ng, and if you see this, Serena, you should disregard it and not pay any attention to who wrote it.)
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