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  • "Blade" is the ninth track on Third Eye Blind's fifth album, Dopamine.

    The edgy song is reminiscent of "Sharp Knife" from their 2009 release, Ursa Major. In his Songfacts interview, lead singer Stephan Jenkins, explained: "I've always had a reoccurring image in my head - and in dreams - of cutting through from tension or whatever my nightmare is about and just trying to get through that nightmare. I was always trying to cut through it."
  • Speaking about this song's meaning, Jenkins told us: "'Blade' is really about being in some kind of dreamy state. It's a jealousy dream. So in the dream I stab a person but it doesn't have any effect on them. They're still there. The blade won't cut, people slip away through trapped doors, they swing away from you, and everything is just like that kind of sensation."
  • This song was supposed to be called "Dream Sequence," but Jenkins wrote down the wrong title and it was too late to fix once he noticed the mistake.
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