Slow Motion

Album: Blue (1999)
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  • This song was written as a blast against rappers and the rap culture and the way they promote violence and drug use. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jade - Evansville, IN
  • When Blue was first released, the lyrics of this song were deemed too explicit, so only the chorus was left in. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Gettysburg, PA

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  • Jimmy from StlI thought for sure this song was a cover and I love the way this song is written, flows, and the music is so tranquil and peaceful, but obviously the contrast with the lyrics makes the song.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis guy knows how to write eerie drug songs.
  • Lacey Huber from Grafton, Nei have never heard this song...but it was recommended to me by a friend..and i just read the lyrics...that is freaking sweet...and so so true...are all their songs like this?
  • Joey from Cleveland, GaStephan said in an interview that this song really was a bash against that life style. He found it ironic that Americans find joy watching death and drugs and all that crap.
  • Krista from Carbondale, PaThird Eye Blind are just musical genius'! I love every one of their songs and this one is very cynical and real and the lyrics are insane. I love it!
  • Dante from Glendale, Ca
    This song is an indictment of the Entertainment Industry---which glamorizes violence---and inspires this type of sick behavior in our youth.

    Before the band's second album, "Blue" was released, the Columbine school massacre happened....and given the political fallout, the record company refused to release the song on the album. Stephen Jenkins argued with them and removed the lyrics from the verses and still released the song (with just the chorus). On subsequent album printings, the chorus was removed as well.

  • Anne from Cohoes, Nythis song is ment to be ironic.
    you think the song is about all the depressing things in life: murder, drugs, sex, neighbor beating his wife... yada yada yada
    but in the end the song ccontradicts itself in one line saying : "I incite murder, for your entertainmant, cause i needed the money, whats your excuse?- the joke's on you."
    so basically he wrote the song soly based on the idea that people like what shocks them. shock value. there you go.
  • Nick from Defiance, OhThird Eye Blind did a demo of this song in '95. Exact lyrics except the chorus which was:

    "Slow Motion in the ghetto"
  • Matt from Little Rock , ArI can see where Jade is comming from and I can see where David is comming from. I think its how it affects you and how you relate to it, is where the true meaning comes from. I have two diffrent views on it myself. One, is at one point my life was terrible, completly going down the drain. when i listened to the song it reminded me of it. It fit my life at the time perfectly. Also, my other view, was me and my best friends were all together one night and we got some beer and ext. we all had some (deleted) goin on in our lives at that point. and one of my buddies turned on slow motion. we like all went over that the cd player and started singing this song ( we were all a little tipsy) and it was like even though each of us had something bad in our lives we could each relate to one another and we knew it was goin to be ok becuz we had each others back. I dont kno if it was the alcohol or what but after that night that song has a completly diffrent meaning to it. like, it makes me think of my friendship with them, and no matter how jacked up life can be there is always someone that has your back. Almost like a had an ephifany, becuz i look at things diffrently now.
  • David from Waterloo, Mithis song is about all the bad things in life. it talks about how sad and depressing life is when played in "slow motion." it talks about life on the streets and the things many people have to deal with in the world we live in.
  • Josh from Coopersburg, PaI agree it is bashing the newer music today that is all about violence, this song is amazing...the music...the lyrics. I love how raw and deep it is
  • Kevin from Mansfield, CtKill rappers
  • Nate from Aurora, IlI agree with Jade...I think that this song is about how a lot of new music and television make kids think that it's cool for them to do drugs and hurt people///..
    i don't know if it's just about "rap"...but you know
  • Anna from Perth, Australiai love this song... its very blunt with what it says :)....
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