Quest For Valor
by Thor

Album: Beyond The Pain Barrier (2017)
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  • The final track on the 2017 Beyond The Pain Barrier album is also the longest. With music by Messrs Thor, Jedlicki and Leibel, it has lyrics by Ted Jedlicki. The title comes from the recent past. As Ted explained in an August 2017 on-line interview:

    "Lead guitarist John Leibel and I formerly played in a band called Dawn of Valor and had written the music to this song years ago. John had a version of it back in 2008 when I first met him. The song was never finished, however. In a sense, this song has been on a quest of its own. We finally finished the musical arrangement earlier this year and borrowed from the name of our former band to title the song. Quest is a big, epic song with lots of various parts, time changes, and styles. When it came time to write lyrics I knew that they had to match the magnitude of the music. I looked at the title and what it meant to me. What would it take for one to find valor? What would this quest look like? Bravery against all odds. Never giving up. I believe the entire band is seeking valor, as we fight against the odds to find success as a traditional metal band in a time where it is not the mainstream choice."

    It is certainly a good way to finish a strong album. Like the rest of Beyond The Pain Barrier, "Quest For Valor" is published by Vulcan Sky Music/Vulcan Sky Entertainment Group. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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