The Land
by Thor

Album: Beyond The Pain Barrier (2017)
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  • Running to 2 minutes 55 seconds, the ninth track on the 2017 Beyond The Pain Barrier album was written by John Leibel. Before joining Thor, guitarists Leibel and Ted Jedlicki were in a band called Dawn Of Valor. The man himself explained this song at length as follows, (quoted verbatim):

    "This is a song that I had with Ted back in the Dawn Of Valor days, that never really reached its full potential back then. The original concept behind the song was to set the stage for what was going to be a concept album. Unfortunately that never came to fruition. I had originally written the musical arrangment in 2008 and I let the lyrics be written by a former Dawn Of Valor vocalist. The lyrics ended up being an absolute disaster with the exception of the chant of 'The Land' during the chorus, the verses ended up sounding like some fairy tale Peter Pan bulls--t which really hurt the song. So when the opportunity came up to do the album Ted and I re-worked it, I added a new middle section musically. When it came to the lyrics Ted stepped up and did a great job talking about a Sea Captain and the perils he must face including, mutiny, being lost, a failed mission, and the longing to return home to dry land. I can happily say that after Ted and I re-worked it, we made 'The Land' the anthem it was meant to be and Thor knocked it out of the park with his vocal delivery." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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