Get Out Alive


  • This song is about when you know something extremely bad is about to happen and it probably will, but there is a chance you can avoid it by "running for your life." As indicated by the lyrics, "No time for goodbye... This is my last time," it may be about two people who were together and loved each other very much but it ended prematurely. >>
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  • Christina from Marlton, NjPretty sure it's about getting away from drugs before you waste away....
    and Adam(lead singer) Was addicted to drugs
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyI don't think that 'he' says that to 'her'. I think the story of the song is that persons die around the protagonist and they warn him and tell him to run, because if he doesn't he will die, too. They will find him, burn him. So he has to run for his life. But coeval he doesn't want to leave this place. So he knows that he will die if he doesn't leave, but he doesn't want to. That all is a metaphor for the fear Adam felt when he knew that the drugs would kill him if he doesn't stop.
  • Corey from Richmond, VaLove this song!
  • Jamie from Carlisle, United KingdomI think it could be about his escape from drugs and the addication he had to a painkiller. Perhaps stating that the addiction would have killed him if he hadn't have ran for his life.
  • Ron from Mount Holly, NjThe fact that he says "This is my last time as he/she faded away" makes me think it's about drugs which i think a lot of the One-X songs are about along with his father but the way he words every one of the songs you can really relate them to anything from drugs, family and relationships.
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