Album: Let It Go (2007)


  • In this song that deals with the pain of regret, McGraw's woman has left him and left a half page note explaining why. He finishes the note off, and writes a song "like Kristofferson would do."
  • This track is similar to Taylor Swift's "Tim McGraw" in being titled after a country star, without really paying much tribute to the person in the song. We live in hope that Kris Kristofferson will complete the triangle by writing a song titled "Taylor Swift!"
  • Tim McGraw explained To AOL why he recorded this song written by Reed Nielsen and Anthony Smith. "Kris Kristofferson is one of my heroes. He's one of the most talented songwriters that ever, ever put pen to paper and he's also one of the coolest guys around. I mean, my wife [Faith Hill] just swoons over him! [laughs] So he's just a great cool guy, and when the song came around I knew I wanted to record it; plus it's sort of tongue in cheek and it's a lot of fun."

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  • Rick from Jefferson City, MoThis song sounds so much like something George Jones would have done it's not even FUNNY! Sounds like something you'd hear coming from a Wirlitzer Jukebox in a smoke filled bar room.
    Can't wait to learn to play this on an old guitar!
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