Thought About You

Album: Yet to be titled (2018)
  • Written by Brad Warren, Brett Warren and Lee Thomas Miller, this emotional power ballad finds Tim McGraw reflecting on a relationship that goes back a long way.

    I thought about songs that make us feel better
    I thought about faith that ties it all together
    I thought about fire and how we walked through it
    The times I got it right and the times that I blew it

    McGraw takes his listeners through a journey of friendship, love and loss. It's not entirely clear who he is singing about, instead everyone who hears it will have their own interpretation. McGraw suggested that maybe it could be an old friend you haven't seen in years, or a loved one you met up with the other day. "It might even be about someone you know you'll never see again," he added.
  • Directed by JP Robinson, the lyric video marries the song's words to a series of photos taken through the years. If you look closely, you might spot McGraw.
  • Tim McGraw told ABC Radio that "Thought About You" is a song that takes him back to the small town where he grew up in Louisiana. "And also, it sort of makes you put together the bibliography of your life in your mind, and the photo album of your life in your mind," he continued. "And it also leaves it open to where you're gonna go in the future."

    "There's a bit of remembrance in it," McGraw added. "There's also a bit of foresight in it as well. And those songs are hard to find, when they can strike you emotionally in that way."
  • McGraw commented that a song such a moving lyric would normally be a ballad, but that's not the case here. "It's really hard-charging when it gets to the choruses," he pointed out. "And it's just really anthemic, and sounds like a big uptempo song live. But to have a lyric that's so poignant, with an uptempo song is pretty rare to find."


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