Two Lanes of Freedom

Album: Two Lanes of Freedom (2013)
  • This is the title track of the twelfth studio album by Tim McGraw and the first tune recorded for the project. The singer explained in press materials that he feels the song set the tone for the record. "When we cut 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' there was such a freshness to it," he said. "The track has this sort of Gaelic drive to it and really sets a palette for the whole record because it's so visual - it has that summery, hazy image and I think that made the whole record open up for me."
  • Jaren Johnston and Jenn Schott penned the original demo but McGraw and co-producer Byron Gallimore added various Gaelic and Middle Eastern influenced touches to it. "We had a great time, we spent a whole evening on that song just coming up with cool things to add to it," McGraw told Billboard magazine. "Those tones and that feel just set the idea for the whole album, we just started feeding off of that track. When I envisioned that song it had this sort of (director) Terence Malick feel, sort of hazy."


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