Until The End Of Days

Album: The Hymn of a Broken Man (2011)
  • Times Of Grace is a duo comprising Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and his former bandmate (later back with Killswitch), singer Jesse Leach. The Hymn of a Broken Man was penned during a dark time in both their lives; Dutkiewicz was recovering after emergency back surgery whilst Leach was struggling with depression to the extent where he was considering suicide. The vocalist explained to Artist Direct that on this song, "there are excerpts of a journal entry in the journal I was keeping to try and help cope with my depression where I was talking about wanting to die."
  • Leach now looks back on the project as a valuable time that helped both him and Dutkiewicz with their struggles. He told Artist Direct: "It's very much a special record and will always hold a place in both of our hearts. Adam was humming the riffs and majority of ideas on that record into a Dictaphone on his back in a hospital bed in London. When he got home, he had to stay off the road. He plugged into his computer and started demoing stuff.
    I got the phone call when he was about eight songs in. He said he was working on a record. It was a special project, and he didn't feel like it was Killswitch material. He couldn't think of anyone else to sing on it besides me. I was blown away and honored by that.
    It was a great collaboration because vocally and lyrically we collaborated. It's something I've never done. I've never taken somebody else's lyrics and made them my own and vice versa. It was an awesome time in my life, and it was very therapeutic for the both of us."


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