Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Album: Tiptoe Through The Tulips (1968)
Charted: 17


  • Ukulele player Tiny Tim's one and only hit was his high-pitched falsetto rendition of the pop standard "Tiptoe Through the Tulips." The original version was by the crooner Nick Lucas, who sung it in the 1929 musical Gold Diggers Of Broadway. It was composed by Tin Pan Alley songwriters Joe Burke and Al Dubin, who had further hits with "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes," and their greatest success, "For You." The lyricist of the partnership later teamed up with the composer Harry Warren and together they wrote such standards as "We're in the Money," "I Only Have Eyes for You," and "Lullaby of Broadway."

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  • Stukka63 from St.augustine, Fla.Ok, this was like the early 90s.
    Myself n another guy were moving a sailboat to Tampa, Fla.
    Were sitting at some half assed tiki bar on Marathon, in the Fla. keys.
    There was a bar stool n a mic. sitting in the corner.
    Next thing I know Tiny Tim comes walking out n starts to play.
    Craziest shjt ever.
    Hey now, this guy was so entertaining. He played a short set n left.
    So the next day, a bartender told me, yeah he comes here like once a year n stays n drinks for free. He just plays a few times a day n it covers his tab.
  • Matt Brice from BrickHey guys my name is Matt and Tiny Tim recorded Tiptoe Through the Tulips in my garage in Bricktown New Jersey in the sixties by the previous owner of my house who built a recording studio in the garage. Also recorded in my garage was the famous Raceway Park radio advertisement. Was always a weird little fact then I grew up with in my house as a kid it's even weirder now that I'm an adult LOL
  • Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkI grew up in the Sixties & saw Tiny Tim on various talk shows & late night shows performing his medley of hit, "Tiptoe..." Don't ever recall his singing anything else on TV. I do remember seeing him in the 70s & 80s on TV, but his appearance & clothes were very ratty like he had fallen on hard times. He came along when the hippy culture was popular & I think some people considered him part of that culture. I seem to recall that he had a stroke or heart attack when he was performing & he died when he was very feeble and aged.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis is funny now lol because of the video, but when I watched Insidious, it scared the s--t out of me!
  • Terry from Willmar, MnTiny Tim openly said that he styled his singing and playing after crooner Nick Lucas. At his request, Nick Lucas was invited to be on the Tonight show in 1969 and Tiny Tim explained to Johnny the connection.
  • Bob from London, Oni remember when he got married on The Johnny Carson Show.quite the spectacle.
  • Robert from Topeka, KsTiny Tim died of a heart attack on November 30, 1996 at Minneapolis MN following a performance. He was 64 years old.
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