That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy

Album: That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy (2008)
  • AOL asked Keith whether this song, about a guy who thinks he's basically misunderstood, was semi-autobiographical. He replied: "You ask any guy's wife or girlfriend, and she can find some things she don't like about him, but that don't make him a bad guy. When me and Bobby Pinson wrote the song together, we wanted to be as clever as we could in saying, 'Yeah, so what? I drink whiskey from a cheap paper cup.' And then, I'll drink a pot of joe after I sober up kind of stuff. So there's little things that you're probably not going to like about me, honey, but that don't make me a bad guy. We just wanted to be as clever as we could and really hook a great melody that sounds like me. My favorite line that seals it up is, 'I'm only good as I gotta be.'"
  • In the album's press release Keith explained: "We had an idea about a guy who lives a party lifestyle, and it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek, 'Hey, this is all the stuff I do. So what?' Works great as the first song on the album, and the title track."


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