You Ain't Alone

Album: Hope On The Rocks (2012)
  • Toby Keith penned this rootsy bittersweet western with Scotty Emerick during a USO tour. "It's kind of a gallop ... a lope," said Keith. "We wrote one in this vein a few years ago called 'It Works For Me.' The music alone puts you in a dark room, and then you just come in on top of it with those lyrics. The first picture I had in my mind was of a guy sitting, looking out over the city at night and it's raining. She's gone, he's looking out the window and her stuff's all there. In every way it subtly tells you he's really alone. It's a great idea that, again, the wider world will probably never get to hear. But I could easily see this surfacing somewhere. The second Scotty told me the line my mind went right to that lonely guy looking out the window."


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