Spring Nicht

Album: Zimmer 483 (2007)
  • This song is about how you sometimes feel like ending your life, but how killing yourself won't make it better. Spring Nicht means "Don't Jump."
  • In the music video the vocalist Bill Kaulitz is about to jump, but in real life he has said that he is glad to never have felt like jumping. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Anja - Stavanger, Norway, for above 2
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Comments: 4

  • Katya from A Place, PaI have severe depression. When I hit one of my lows I listen to this song over and over. Eventually I come out of the low. It is an amazing song and Bill Kaulitz is an amazing singer...especially when he sings in German.
  • D from Virginia, Uruguayi luv this song, but i listen to the english version, cuz i dont know german, but i wish idid.
  • Nik from Anywhere, OhThis is one of my favorite songs, Even though I don't understand what it says...and that's why I'm learning German. This song helped me to not kill myself when I got really depressed for about a week...I listen to music too much...
  • Ms. C from N.y.b, Israela really touching song.. <3
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