Tell Her Today

  • This flamenco-tinged track was inspired by Spanish guitarist Vicente Amigo. It also incorporates a salsa section. Baxter told the Daily Mail March 21, 2008: "The Latin piano came from a rehearsal. It just worked."
  • After being dropped by Sony, Baxter released Skybound on his own label, Sylvian. A gifted painter, Baxter partly funded its release by painting a canvas illustrating each one of the ten songs on the album. The paintings, later used for sleeve artwork, were sold for £2,000 apiece. Baxter explained to the Daily Mail: "It was a great way of getting a record out. I had wanted to do something similar with my first album, but it wouldn't have worked so well on a big label. I also liked the notion of getting back to the vinyl era. With singers like David Bowie, the artwork was as important as the music. It kept things fresh for me. I didn't want to be seen as just another singer-songwriter. I was surprised at how much money I raised from the canvases, but I put a high price on them because I hoped that people would be ready to invest in a piece of original album artwork."
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