Tell Her Today

Album: Skybound (2008)
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  • Try to say
    you love some one
    its hard to say you dont
    its hard to learn
    to try to trust someone,
    its hard to be without.

    So if u think u love some one
    try, try, try
    that one maybe your one

    So if you love her
    think only of her
    take the time tell her today

    And if Without her
    everything is harder
    take the time
    drop everything
    go tell her today

    If for every king
    you find a queen
    the Key keeps them strong

    oh if love is a that beats my heart
    then maybe
    sweet baby
    right now

    So if you think you love some one
    try, try, try
    because that one may be your one.
    So if you love her,
    think only of her,
    take the time tell her today.

    And when with out her,
    everythings harder
    take the time
    drop everything
    tell her today

    [Chorus To fade] Writer/s: TOM BAXTER
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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