• This lung-busting ballad is the lead single from Keane vocalist Tom Chaplin's debut solo album. Chaplin explained: "[It's] is a letter to my daughter. I wanted to share my experience that life will be full of highs and lows and that I will always be there for her when she needs me."
  • Chaplin nearly ruined his chance of being a good father because of a cocaine addiction, which he has since overcome. He said: "Many years ago, a friend of mine said to me that becoming a father would be the making of you. The comment really stuck with me and, now that I have a daughter, truly resonates. The cruel truth is that my addiction could have taken that chance away completely.

    I didn’t want to write a song that gives an over-sentimentalised, sugar-coated view of the world. My experience has been one of extremes—glorious high and abject lows. I wanted to articulate how these experiences, good and bad, will come and go for her. Most important of all, though, is that when she really needs help and support I will be there. Musically, we wanted the song to tread that fine line between joy and despair, while making the chorus heartfelt and uplifiting."
  • The video was directed by Michael Baldwin, whose other credits include Travis' "Closer," Melanie C's "Weak" and Röyksopp's "The Girl and the Robot." The music video and commercials director explained the clip:

    "The video is a visual metaphor for the song. The circle represents inner struggles we all have to deal with certain situations and realising there is always reassurance and help from someone close to you if you look for it. It's a simple but relatable issue for everyone and Tom was keen to have the story based around a child, which I think perfectly captures the essence of the song.

    I wanted it to be intimate yet have a cinematic scale and a big heart. Hopefully everyone can relate to it in their own way as we all have different fears and anxieties we wish to overcome. I love the classic movies from the 80s that have kids as the main protagonist (ET, Stand By Me, Goonies etc) and they were the main influences and references for this film."


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